February 28, 2023

New York with Kacin, part 3

We went to church in the building with the temple. It’s such a beautiful refuge from the world amidst a big city. This was my second time going to church there and there is such a feeling of welcome and acceptance. So many good people just showing up and trying. I really loved the speakers that day.

We took a stroll through Central Park.

We grabbed the cheap NYC pizza for lunch.

And then we went to the MoMA! 

Here are some of my favorite pieces of art.

This one was actually really high on my list. I love that the more you look, the more you see. I believe it was commissioned for Sonny Bono. One side is air and the other is water.

I found a different meaning for this then the plaque said…when I see this I see an instrument as a tool just waiting for the music that will pop out of it.

I am invisible. Not.

I wanted to show Layla this one out of cut paper…I think it’s an art medium she would love.

I don’t know why this is the one he actually posed for but a big colorful 8.

This was fun to create art out of our shadows.

And then we got to the art that I recognize from books and art masterpiece…

We saw Starry Night!!! Pictures do not do this painting justice. It was so lovely in person. It was so fun to see it.

I love pointillism! It was cool to see this one in person too.

I just taught Frank Lloyd Wright to the kids in art masterpiece so how fun to see this in person. 

And then we found the Monet room. Such peace and tranquility from his paintings.

We entered the “Rest” Room. It had a bit of a creepy vibe in there but it truly was nice to sit and rest. Kacin got a 5 min nap. Sweet, sleeping Kacin.

Then it was off for another jaunt through Central Park.

We spent sometime at the castle. I hadn’t been there before.

Between the museum and our walk through Central Park, we had a nice chat with Kyler.

We grabbed dinner at Ellen’s Stardust. I think that place is fun!

And then it was off to another escape room!

So we solved it with like 35 min left. But we had the worst puzzle master I’ve ever had. She kept giving us unsolicited clues. When we left the guy at the front desk asked us how it was and while the room was fun, I mentioned how she gave the clues. We left and started walking back to the hotel. Then we got a call and they offered to let us come back and play another room for free. I’m so grateful they did because the first experience left a bad taste in my mouth but we had a blast doing the second room!! No clues, we worked well as a team, and got out with 16 min left. We take our escape rooms very seriously.

Our last morning, we grabbed some yummy bagels for breakfast.

Then took our last subway ride back to the airport.

We had a layover in Denver and they had the most beautiful outdoor area!

And then it was home! We were so grateful we found someone who could watch the kids for the weekend. And that we were able to have this time with our Kacin. We love him!