February 26, 2023

New York with Kacin, part 2

Somehow we skipped breakfast again, but eventually ended up at Los Tacos No.1–which quite honestly were the best tacos I’ve ever had. And I live in Arizona, man! These were GOOD.

We walked across the iconic Brooklyn Bridge.

Next we entered China Town.

We were so excited to share Chinatown pictures with our mandarin speaking elder in New Zealand. Kyler told us the translation for some of the signs we shared. It felt nice to be connect with him in a small way.

We found the best dessert—Japanese cheese tarts. These were so yummy!!

And then we grabbed some amazing dumplings for the best price.

We walked the streets for awhile and eventually made it to one last place on our self guided Chinatown food tour.

We stopped at Xi’an famous foods for some noodles. Delicious!

I personally had been hoping that we could continue this food tour through Little Italy…but by this time we were pretty stuffed and ready to head to the other part of the city. So we grabbed gelato and vowed to come back to little Italy next time we come to the city.

So with all the that food in our bellies, we walked to Teddy Roosevelt’s childhood home. It is now a national historic site so we went in for a tour. 

Teddy has always been Eric’s hero so he was pumped to be there. It was pretty exciting to touch the crib that Teddy Roosevelt slept in as a baby. ;)

This bike brigade went by us twice that day. So many boys on bikes! I’m not sure what it was for but it was pretty fun to watch.

We made a stop at the Grand Central Station. It’s just so pretty in there!!

Eric told us all the facts about the big clock. The price of that thing is astronomical! And its precision of time is amazing.

We went to St Patrick’s cathedral for a lovely rest.

We had gorgeous views of the city from our hotel room. It was spectacular! I was so glad to be on the 35th floor and facing the water for this reason.

I had wanted to see more broadway plays while we were there, but instead we decided to play some escape rooms. The more I do them the more I love them. We went to Mission Escape games. This room had some cool technology and some fun puzzles. We escaped! I can’t remember our time but it was a fun experience.