February 19, 2023

New York with Kacin, part 1

Kacin graduates this year so as his graduation gift we give him three trips—one with Eric, one with me, and one with both of us. We got to take him to New York on our trip all together!

We flew in late on a Thursday night. We checked into our hotel around 10 or 11 and then walked down to Times Square.

The next morning we headed to the high line trail to walk down to Chelsea’s market. I loved this trail so much. Before getting on the trail, we got to peak at the Hudson Yards area. It was SO windy around there.

I really loved the beauty of nature, landscape, architecture, history, and art all combined on this peaceful trail.

We made it to Chelsea Market for a food stop. 

We tried a breakfast burrito, donuts, and a bagel sandwich. Yum.

Next we headed to the 9-11 memorial. That’s always sobering. It feels so sacred being there. It has a different feel from other parts of the city.

Kacin looked up a couples of people’s names and told us their story. That was beautiful.

Then we walked on to see the girl and the bull and the New York stock exchange and all the things on the way.

Our next destination was the Statue of Liberty!

We were able to get tickets to go up the crown. It was an absolutely gorgeous day for it all.

The swaying up their is quite unsettling, even if it is designed for such. And it is so much smaller than you would expect. But so cool to be there! 

We enjoyed some time at Ellis Island.

We went into the Trinity church and took a moment to pray.

That night we went to see the incredible show of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!! It is so amazing. I saw it last year with Kyler so I was excited to share it with these guys. It did not disappoint!!