February 10, 2023

January days

This post should probably be called “Brinna Days.” She’s at such a fun age and as my little buddy the majority of the day, my phone is dominated by pictures of her.

Like how she insisted she wore her sparkly red dress for a day. We negotiated that she could wear it to gymnastics but must take it off when she got there. When we arrived, she showed everyone we saw. She just knew everyone would tell her how beautiful she is.

I starting taking a 7 week tap dancing class. At home, practicing is fun! In a class, it kicks my butt and is too much for my brain. But I’m glad for the experience! Especially to tap with my little girl.

Some days she runs around in sparkly dresses, and some days she doesn’t change out of her pajamas. We love the gorgeous weather right now and the chance to walk through the neighborhood.

When you put Millie’s leash on and drop it, she freezes. When you hold the leash she moves around normally. But if you set it down she goes right back into this head down freeze position every time. 

Perry loves going to young men’s activities! There is one boy in particular that invited Perry to come over each week. Thy friendship means the world to Perry. And to me! I’m so grateful for good people.

Brinn had an eye exam. We are off to an ophthalmologist next. But quite certain glasses will be in her future.

Layla loves making cakes. This was a cool one she did with edible spray paint.

Brinn found some makeup. Gorgeous, darling!

Brinna’s school put on a little mom’s and muffins for m week.

Books and snuggles with my girl on Kaylee’s birthday. Her heart is so big, she talks about missing Grandma, Kaylee, and Kyler (who is on the other side of the world) all the time.