February 13, 2023

February begins

Brinn made this stop sign at school. She carried it around everywhere for three days straight. We played all sort of games with it, like stop and go dance party. She was excited to take it on a walk and match it up to the real stop signs in the neighborhood.

Kacin got asked Morp! 

Kacin’s friend came to visit and so we got to take them to an escape room in Mesa.

It was a creepy doll theme. It was horrible and gross. Not my favorite room, even if it had been a different theme. But we escaped and had fun! 

And we learned about an escape room app!! Brilliant. I’m so excited to use that to keep track of our escape rooms and find new ones.

Speaking of puzzles, the Wilde’s have given us our own at home mystery to solve!! It has been so much fun to get different clues in the mail and see the kids making guesses about what is to come. It’s so creative and fun!

Millie is a big dog. One year old and she is mellowing out quite a bit and we are all adjusting to having her in the house. Some of us more than others. I’m sorry, but I’m just still not a dog fan.

I walked downstairs and found Brinn sitting there. I asked what she was doing and she told me “I’m just here thinking about Isaac.” When I said, “oh really? What are you thinking?” She told me “Me and him were meant for each other.” And then she went on and on about future play dates and what Isaac would say when he saw her and all of the things. This girl! Haha

We also had this conversation:

Me: You have a little light inside of you. Light and love.

Brinna: smiled and snuggled

Brinna: “And burps.”

She started soccer!! She has had one practice and this girl loves it. She did her own hair for this first practice. Love it.