February 12, 2023

celestial goddesses

I have this amazing friend. And she had a birthday. She has this unique birthday tradition of hosting a themed photo shoot every year for her birthday. I was so thrilled that this year I could be a part of it.

Her theme was.......

It's hard to tell here since my legs and toes were all black, but I am more than a floating head and arms.

Some people were made to model. And some people are just awkward.

Me? I feel so AWKWARD in pictures by myself. But it was a fun night stretching myself out of my comfort zone.

This is my elf picture...

Here's a look at behind the scenes. Mandi literally spent hours shooting pictures of over 20 women. And then editing them! She is a rockstar.

Mandi has been a friend who has changed my life for the better. Hiking and yoga brought us together and I'm grateful for all the talks, adventures, and support. 

And just because I came home and took these pictures with Eric before washing the gold stars off of my face, a shout out to my best friend! I love this man.