January 10, 2023

sometimes you just get lucky

As I tucked Brinny in bed and gave her some snuggles, I asked out loud, “How did I get so lucky to have you in my life?” Without hesitating, she replied “Well, sometimes you just get lucky.”

Today was a really long day. This week has been a long week. But it’s true, sometimes you just get lucky and plenty of beautiful things happen all mixed in with the negative. 

I try so hard to train my brain to see the positive but sometimes I think my brain’s natural setting is overwhelm and critical. I’d love to see into a mind whose natural setting is positive and easygoing. 

Let’s get candid. With a shot taken by one of the girls on New year’s day…

I’m not even sure what to tell you about that picture. But that seems like real life if ever there was one.

And now we go to a fun little play date in which the girls ”cooked” up quite a dish with water, flour, and a random assortment of expired spices. It smelled like curry every where I went that day.

We had a really challenging afternoon last week. One of the hardest we have experienced. Autism is hard. But I’m spite of the exhaustion and overwhelm I was feeling (or maybe because of), God blessed us with the most gorgeous sunset and a few glorious minutes playing basketball.

Or maybe sometimes you just get lucky.