January 29, 2023

peace within

The world
around us
pulling the pieces—
the people—
of our hearts
in and out
of hospitals
of rages
of depression,confusion,anxiety
It pulls, it spins—
WE spin.
we realize 
is in a place
the world’s pull
For Peace
is at our center,
Peace is within.

Yesterday we took our kids to walk around Veterans Oasis park. 

I often feel like a thief who has to steal these precious moments. 

Walking in the sunshine, spotting birds and rabbits, breathing the fresh air, and noticing the beauty of all the different plants and trees brings me all the joy. 

We took Millie and she did mostly good about not barking when we passed other dogs and families.

We took Perry and he was worried we were going to walk forever or still be walking in the dark. We helped him through that and ultimately the walk did come to an end and we did make it to the car before it got dark.

We took Layla and she loved using the binoculars and spotting the birds with her dad. 

We took Brinna and she skipped along happily until she reached her max and so I got to carry her alternating between my arms and my back.

We stopped at DQ for dinner because Kacin was working. He refused any pictures, but we loved having a few minutes together. He is such a hard worker!

After a hard night of settling Perry in at home, I sat in my chair to breathe. Grateful for the beauty of the world and the moments of peace I find throughout the day. And grateful I can keep finding those moments within myself and my breath, even amidst chaos and struggle.