January 3, 2023

New Year’s resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are thrilling to me! I love fresh starts, new goals, making plans, establishing habits, and an opportunity to grow and become something new.

My 2023 personal resolution is to consistently do my daily 5:

1. Study scripture
2. Sincere, thoughtful prayer
3. 5-10 min of meditation 
4. Yoga practice
5. Work on this blog

I got into a great habit with the first four by the end of 2022 and I would love to continue that. And I really want to get back to writing consistently on here. It’s so good for me to focus on the good in my life and process experiences when I take time to write. I may not post every day, but the goal is to work on something—if even for a few minutes. And also to embrace short, more frequent posts.

It’s not my resolution this year, but if I were to expand into my daily 10, I would also include:

6. Reading
7. Clean something
8. Prepare food
9. Connect with family/friends
10. Serve 

Bonus would be:

11. Dance 
12. Get out in nature
13. Rest

But daily 13 doesn’t sound as good as daily 5, or even daily 10. 

So I am resolutely committing to my daily 5, and working on including the rest of my daily 13. :) I am also resolutely trying to be less critical of myself and others. Not a tangible goal, but one to keep in mind and hope I feel a difference. 

And I also plan to do 5 new things:
1. Take tap dancing classes
2. Speak on stage
3. Hike someplace new
4. And 5. See what the year brings!

Our family all set goals, too.

As a family:
Eat out less, cook more


Play soccer
Help mom cook
Learn to read
Read scriptures 


Have “sib time” each week with one sibling
Read scriptures 5 min a day
Learn to cook
Get to level 2 in aerial


Earn money
Listen to come follow me scriptures each day


Morning prayers
Go to gym 4x a week
Start his business
Have mom time each week
Go to the temple each week


Scriptures every day along with come follow me
Weight lifting goals
Learn to code
Monthly lunches 

Here’s to a beautiful new year of growth and peace!!!