December 26, 2022

three years until this happens again

Kyler finished up his two weeks of home MTC. It was time to say goodbye to our boy.

I wasn't ready to let him out of my sight until the very last moment. And I knew our family needed some time together without distraction. I was also worried because I didn't want his last few days to be super chaotic either. But we decided to all fly up to Utah together to drop him off at the MTC.  

I'm happy to say that Kyler brought it up at the end of the trip I whole heartedly agreed with his feelings that he was worried about us all coming, but he was actually so glad we did because it ended up being really nice. Our family needed this win.

We were excited for our airplane ride. Thank goodness for pre-boarding so we could get Perry settled before everyone else came on.

Layla was a bundle of nerves to sit by the window when we flew, but she did it! We Allred's always face our fears.

The salt lake airport is miles upon miles of walking to get from your terminal to the exit. Brinn catching rides on suitcases made it a fun walk though.

Once we got our rental car we went to Thanksgiving Point to meet Jenny and the Wilde's there.

All the Kacin and Kyler childhood memories came flooding back when we played on the grass hill.

Kyler couldn't roll in his white shirt, but he pretended all the same, for nostalgia's sake.

We love the Wilde's! What a gift to have them enter into our lives again. Their support, love, and friendship has become the biggest buoy to me!

This was a partial re-creation of pictures we took of the boys here when they were 3 and 4. happy to have all the kids though.

The secret garden!

Such a happy moment to be together in that beautiful garden!


It was a special time to walk through the statues of Christ with our missionary.

Watching Brinna at each of the statues was the most precious thing.

I love our family with all of its quirks, chaos, humor, tenderness, and abiding love.

We were so grateful to spend time with Jenny, too!!

I almost cried when it happened, and I definitely cried when I later told a friend about it. The Wilde's bought our family ice cream. Maybe to some people it was insignificant, but to our family it meant the world to have someone step in as the grandparents and treat our family to ice cream but mostly because they WANTED to be with us and SUPPORT us. They engage with each of our children--asking questions and sharing things. Maybe a small thing, but to our family it means everything.

Brinn and her puppy dog eyes! She perfected the look on this trip.

The next day, we picked Collin up from the airport!

It was the greatest thing to see these boys together again. They were best friends growing up in Washington. We love his family so very much!!!

Back to the mile long airport and keeping ourselves entertained.

We took everyone to eat at Tucano's for a special farewell Brazilian churrascaria.

Swings in the city.

Missionaries had to try, too.

We explored temple square and got a tour of the conference center.

The next morning we met up with Cheryl again for a little nature walk. Utah is quite beautiful.

We love this guy so much. I'm SO grateful we got to spend time together in such a great way before we said goodbye to him.