December 27, 2022

MTC drop off

Saying farewell for two years was such a beautiful, hard moment.
Oh how I am going to miss this kid.

We stopped for lunch on our way to drop off.

Do you think when he comes back he will know how to shoot a regular smile at me?

Last moments in the car...wasn't sure whether to throw advice at them, ask them questions, stay quiet, cry, or jump for joy.

These two are such incredible people. It really was such a miracle and a blessing that they could enter the MTC together.

Last boys handshake.

These two grew closer the last year. Layla talks about how when she had a bad day Kyler would take her to get a drink or a treat and go on a drive to the mountains. She loved how he was there for her. He still will be--just in a different way.

She's going to grow so much in the next two years. She loves her oldest brother so much.

And she's covered in chocolate.

I didn't expect to be as emotional as I was. Kyler has been a rock of strength in our family. It was hard to say goodbye, but it was coupled with so much excitement for him and pride in his choice. I am so grateful he can call home each week!!

I’m not sure how much Perry understood about what was happening. But he loves his Lego building brother.

I really adore Collin and I am so grateful for their friendship in WA.

We loaded back in the car and drive across the street to drop him off at the MTC. Pulling in to the garage was such a weird moment. 

We helped them unload their luggage and then said our final goodbye.

It was so nice to have missionaries there to greet them and help them get settled.

And they didn’t even look back.

We miss Kyler like crazy, but we love having a missionary out serving. It is such a blessing to our family.