December 6, 2022

Kyler becomes a missionary

One of the most special days for our family was the day Kyler was set apart as a missionary for the church for Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  

This man was so ready to put that tag on and give it his all to God for the next two years.

Our stake President spent a few minutes talking to us and let anyone who wanted to share a few words do so. Then Kyler was given a blessing to set him apart as a missionary. After the blessing, I got the honor to place the tag on him.

So excited to be New Zealand bound!

He placed his pin in the stake office to represent where he will be serving.

We are so proud of him and so excited for all he will do as a missionary!

He spent the the next two weeks living the missionary life at home in the home mtc. So many classes and zoom meetings and study sessions. Including a crash course in mandarin. 

Then he started packing his room up. He started without telling me and when I saw I asked him to stop because my heart wasn’t ready. His room has become one of my favorite rooms in the house because it was all his personality and life all over the walls. I wish I had a picture with all the pictures and papers he already took down. And before he moved the desk in and some things around. But these pictures give us the idea.

Kyler spoke in church the week after he was set apart. 

My favorite part of the talk was when he shared his why for serving. He talked about a day when he was feeling really down and was laying in his closet and how he prayed and then he knew he was a Son of God and loved him and knew him and he had a purpose.

We were so grateful for everyone who came to hear him speak and joined us for lunch or the open house afterwards.

Time with his dog at the end of the day. Millie was a hard one for him to leave behind.

Never a serious face, but always one of my favorite people.

And so we had a legit, official missionary!!