December 31, 2022

on the last day of 2022

Brinna crept into our room this morning at 7:45am. She tiptoed to our bed and peeked her eyes over the edge. Then she crowed.

"Cock-a doodle-do!" 

I didn't know if I should laugh out loud or cover my face with my pillow.

The last day of 2022 is coming to a close.  

How does time go so quickly? The older I get the faster we move through each year. 

SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED this year. Yet I blinked and it was over.

2022: costa rica, 4 trips to disneyland, my mom passed away, my dad moved in and moved out, yoga teacher training and upper level training, extended family drama, camping trips, ballroom dance lessons and a competition, ballroom "warrior" showcase, eric taught at GCU, organizing girls camp, a new dog, kyler's graduation, hawaii, new york, brightly living launched, substitute teaching, art masterpiece, lots of hiking, new friends and deepening friendships with old friends, Layla's music theater and aerial classes, Brinn's gymnastics and dance, new callings at church, speaking in stake conference, Kyler's mission call to New Zealand mandarin speaking, trips to Utah, Kyler reassigned to Kansas, Kacin motorcycle, Kacin hxp to costa rica, Perry thriving as a deacon in church, continued therapy and marriage lab, Kyler scholarship to asu, eating out way too much, many escape rooms, book club, lunch and learn, finding healing

I wrote on instagram that 2022 was the year that the center of my heart filled with peace and joy and it overflowed and spread through my body and out into my life.

God led me to yoga teacher training at Konolani. Yoga taught me to connect within that place in my heart. 

The more I focus on connecting with God and with myself, the more confidence, joy, peace, strength, and power I feel. Heavenly Father knows me and knows I'm trying. He knows I'm not perfect. But He knows my effort, my choices, my sacrifices, my effort, my desire, and my focus. It is amazing that as I put God first with my daily scripture study, my prayers, my meditation, and my heart, He draws ever closer. This is the year that I found complete, confident trust and surrender to His will. Well at least I am TRYING to PRACTICE it. Thank heavens for God's grace through the atonement.

I guess my learning is quite fitting with the theme we picked as a family this year.

I wish that I had been able to catch up on here so I would have more time to write my thoughts verses uploading so many pictures. One of my new years resolutions is bringing me back to this blog though! I'm excited to share my 2023 resolutions tomorrow.

Goodbye 2022!!!

Our 9pm celebration looked like this: two in bed, one out with friends, one already living Jan 1 in New Zealand, and the rest of us playing a game, sipping cider, and then off to bed ourselves 

December 27, 2022

MTC drop off

Saying farewell for two years was such a beautiful, hard moment.
Oh how I am going to miss this kid.

We stopped for lunch on our way to drop off.

Do you think when he comes back he will know how to shoot a regular smile at me?

Last moments in the car...wasn't sure whether to throw advice at them, ask them questions, stay quiet, cry, or jump for joy.

These two are such incredible people. It really was such a miracle and a blessing that they could enter the MTC together.

Last boys handshake.

These two grew closer the last year. Layla talks about how when she had a bad day Kyler would take her to get a drink or a treat and go on a drive to the mountains. She loved how he was there for her. He still will be--just in a different way.

She's going to grow so much in the next two years. She loves her oldest brother so much.

And she's covered in chocolate.

I didn't expect to be as emotional as I was. Kyler has been a rock of strength in our family. It was hard to say goodbye, but it was coupled with so much excitement for him and pride in his choice. I am so grateful he can call home each week!!

I’m not sure how much Perry understood about what was happening. But he loves his Lego building brother.

I really adore Collin and I am so grateful for their friendship in WA.

We loaded back in the car and drive across the street to drop him off at the MTC. Pulling in to the garage was such a weird moment. 

We helped them unload their luggage and then said our final goodbye.

It was so nice to have missionaries there to greet them and help them get settled.

And they didn’t even look back.

We miss Kyler like crazy, but we love having a missionary out serving. It is such a blessing to our family.

beautiful art

We spent some time in the church history museum, and I took a few minutes to walk around the art exhibit by myself. 

I have no art education, but I do know what I like and how looking at something makes me feel. These were some of my favorite pieces:

I love the colors, the overall feel, and then the longer you look the more details you notice. I especially love the hidden words.

I really love the layers of this. And all the meanings associated with it.

I think this one is profound, entitled "sense of oneness." But sometimes we build barriers and have tunnel vision in our own lives so we don't see the life of the person next to us.

This one first got me just because I love books so much.

But I LOVE this caption. We each have a story. We would do well to read each others narratives more often.

This picture of Jesus is amazing! It's so beautiful. I really like the expression in his I see a bit of excitement to come again to us?

Unique beauty in each butterfly....we each emerge from our chrysalis different yet strikingly lovely.

It is such a simple house, but the story behind it is powerful. It is entitled "The house where the spirit was strong."

Of course I loved this family hug!

The boy trusting his mom and the mom trusting God. Their arms clinging each other. Powerful.

This one is so peaceful and lovely.

This one was hugs and so cool!

This last one is entitled prayers. I think it is powerful.

I so enjoyed the time I had to explore the musuem.