November 6, 2022

New York, day three

We started out the next day with a really long walk all around Central Park. We took just a few pictures from our meandering.

High on my list of things I wanted to do in NYC was visit the MET. Thank you “from the mixed up files of Mrs Basil E Frankweiler” (one of my all time favorite children’s books) for instilling in me a strong desire to visit this museum. 

Even walking up the steps reminded me of Claudia and Jamie. Hahaha 

We literally walked through every single inch of the museum. Kyler was the perfect companion for such a task as that. We spent hours in that museum! In every room we went in we tried to pick one thing that was our favorite or that “spoke” to us. Here are some of my favorites.

There is a special fashion exhibit and we were mostly baffled by the fashion choices, especially in the room where each dress was labeled with a feeling word. Some of them were…odd. But these were my favorites!

The thing I was the very most excited to do in New York was see the Broadway play, “Dear Evan Hansen.” It was beautiful and amazing and I love this play so much. It was my first time seeing the stage production. There were parts of it I LOVED but also parts that I was glad the movie changed and did better. Go see it and listen to the music!