November 8, 2022

New York, day five

Our last day in New York!

Which means our last walk through central park on our way to church.

I just wanted one nice picture in central park with him and this is what I got.

Once I threatened to punch him in the face he complied.

We really enjoyed testimony meeting at church! One person talked about the diversity in New York and the recognition that God knows and loves each of us and it echoed my sentiments as we walked around the city.

We spent a little bit of time walking through the American History Museum. Insane lines to get in, and not really worth it in my opinion, except for the nostalgia of the Night at the Museum movies.

And Kyler kissing a whale. That was worth the line maybe.

I did love hugging the meteorite and then looking at all the rocks and gems.

Rocks make me think of (and miss) my mama.

We should've brought gum gum.

Our last subway ride to the airport.

He looked more like a man than my little boy waiting for that subway.

Such an amazing trip and I am SO SO glad we made it happen.