November 7, 2022

New York, day 4

Another beautiful day in New York City! I really loved being there in the summer. It was a little warm at times, but mostly it was completely perfect.

We started out the day with another walk through Central Park.

We visited the Empire State Building.

No way was I going to even stand on this glass. But Kyler was brave enough to get the full scope of how high up we were.

Such amazing daytime views of the city.

Next we visited the Manhattan temple and did an endowment session there. I love watching Kyler’s love of temples since he went through. It was so special to go together.

Another stop for banana pudding. Yum.

We admired the beauty of Grand Central Station.

We saw so many “influencers” and intense modeling pictures. So Kyler and I have it a try. If we were instagram influencers…

Probably there are reasons we are not.

Kyler made us walk through Times Square every chance he got. I complained and he was energized by it.

Last minute we bought tickets to Harry Potter. I am SO SO glad we did. It was the most spectacular show!!!

We were so excited about it we took way too many pictures.

Kyler bought me butter beer!

The magic of the show was truly breathtaking. Like WOW WOW WOW. We had both read the book before and thought it was just alright but watching it come to life on the stage was the coolest. 

Magic in the lobby to see our patronus. Cool.

We had an amazing day!