November 10, 2022

4th of July

Kyler and I got back from New York just in time to celebrate the 4th of July with our family. We were sure missing Kacin though who had left for Humanitarian XP in Costa Rica. 

Despite the intense Arizona heat, we rode our bikes down to the Gilbert Regional Park to watch the fireworks. I'm sure glad we did for many reasons. First one being this sunset!

Once it got dark, but before fireworks there was the THE coolest drone show ever. Disneyland needs to jump on this technology for their shows. The drones lit up different colors and flew in different formations to make shapes in the sky. Spectacular!!

It was one of my happiest moments to be laying there altogether on that hill (missing Kacin so much but knowing he was there in spirit and off having an amazing adventure of his own) watching the fireworks.

I'm so grateful to live in America and for our freedoms and rights and all those who defend and uphold them. God bless the USA!