October 10, 2022

The greatest show

We have this amazing friend who uses her spare time to organize incredible productions for her daughter and friends. Isn't that the coolest?

This was Layla's third time participating. Each time she grows in big ways. Mandi truly blesses these girls with a gift of self-confidence. They put on a pretty magical version of "The Greatest Showman."

We were so lucky that they used our house for the performance in June. Here they are at a rehearsal in their matching circus shirts.

Mandi had a vision for the stage and it was so cool to see it come together! anyone with skills to create an atmosphere like this impresses me so much.

At the dress rehearsal, Brinna learned the hoops.

The night of the performance we got our little actresses ready and then the moms got ready. Mandi had the moms perform the opening song! hahaha, it was so funny. Especially since I got to help Mandi choreograph it.

Check out the circus in my living room! Eric hung up the lyra hoop so that Layal and Brinna could perform a little pre-show.

Brinn kept sneaking her way onto the stage before the show...she can't wait to be old enough to participate.

Then the show began!

Our little Layla took on the part of "the bearded lady" who was more of a sel-conscious unicorn/rainbow lady in their version. She sang the anthem song "this is me'' in her pure, sweet voice.

I was SO SO proud of her.

All of the girls did a spectacular job.

Such big smiles after the show!! brilliant girls!!

We ended the night with a dance party!

I love both of these dear friends so much.