October 8, 2022

thank you for my rice

Layla has been quoting stories and memories she's read in our family blog posts of previous years. Hearing her do that is a reminder to me to write the simple stories of our day to day lives more often. Though I still need to play picture catch up from the last few months!


We are one week into our fall break. We do chores and work in the morning, spend too much time on screens in the afternoon, and go on an adventure/outing in the evening. Tonight we walked to a chinese food restuarant that is a half mile away.

When we stepped outside, we noticed a big dust storm in the sky heading our way. We debated whether to walk or not, but took our chances and walked as quickly as we could. Just a block or so away, the wind picked up and we knew the storm was making its arrival. We stepped into the restaurant excited to get a table by the window so we could watch the storm.

Perry ordered a soda. Brinna was excited for fried rice. Layla was willing to try new foods, like wonton soup! When our food came, we filled our bellies and took a picture to send to Kyler because chinese food reminds us of him as he as he is learning mandarin.

 When our waiter gave us boxes to bring our leftover food home, he also brought Perry a refill of his soda to go. Perry wasn't paying attention when the waiter brought it so as we were leaving I told Perry he should say thank you to the waiter for his nice gesture. Perry was nervous to talk to him, but before he went out the door, he hollered to the waiter who was standing a few tables away, saying "thank you for the soda!" The waiter turned around and smiled and said your welcome.

Brinna quickly added her expression of gratitude by shouting to him, "Thank you for the rice!" Everyone in the tables around us laughed at her cuteness. It was so sweet.

We completed our adventure by looping to Fry's for end of the day half price donuts and trying to beat the rain home (we didn't quite make it). While no one was comfortable with it, Perry was especially nervous about the lightening. It was quite the adventure!