October 25, 2022

New York, day two

Since I knew Kyler would want to see a lot of touristy things we got city passes for discounts to a lot of the places we already knew we would go. The Statue of Liberty was one of those places. So on our first full day in New York we went down to see Lady Liberty.

Seeing the Statue of Liberty reminded me to pause and reflect on what freedom means to me and my life. How grateful I am to live in this country with so many freedoms!

Flashback to my 5 year old Kyler as he put his hand up the nose.

We created our own piece of history to be placed on the wall at the museum.

We really loved Ellis Island. It’s hard and humbling and amazing to imagine yourself immigrating to America. Reading the stories of individuals and about the process of being touched me and taught me so much.

When we were done with the islands, we walked through New York stopping to see the bull, the New York stock exchange, etc…

We went into the cathedral. I really love looking at churches and see the ways that God shows up in the lives of so many people who invite him in.

We went to the 9/11 museum and memorial which was so incredibly sobering. It was strange to not only see this one as a museum but as a memory. I loved talking with Kyler about it—where I was a high school student. My favorite place in the museum was the room with the stories of the people who passed away. I could’ve sat there all day learning about the lives of these Americans.

We walked the Brooklyn Bridge. Oh man, it was hot that afternoon! 

Then we went to a recording of Jimmy Fallon! We ended up on the second row right next to the band. There wasn’t anybody very cool or that we even knew as a guest. We were disappointed that Jimmy Fallon didn’t even glance at the audience unless the camera was on him. But I’m glad Kyler got to see how stuff like this is recorded and made. It’s always cool to see what isn’t shown on TV.

We ate dinner at the Stardust diner. Many great performers/waiters and waitresses that night!

We ended the night with dessert that would’ve been amazing if I liked chocolate. Haha. 

A great day!