October 6, 2022

Cowgirl sweetheart

Brinna had her dance recital the first weekend in June. She was the cutest little "cowgirl sweetheart."

It was so precious watching Kyler help her get ready.

She loves her big brothers.

She said goodbye to grandpa before she left for her performance.

And so we had to take a picture with Millie, too.

She was adorable.

She loved all the makeup too much.

There she is in the back row...the one without the bows on her shoes. I had the bows in my purse and forgot to put them on when I dropped her off!

Brinn has had a love/hate relationship with dance so I'm always so glad to see her up on the stage dancing along.

Perry was a huge supporter of hers during the performance.

I love this sweet girl SO much!