October 4, 2022


I love camping because my children live as one with mother nature, like this:

Covered head to toe in dirt, searching for bugs, making forts, sitting on rocks, smiling and contented the whole while.

Brinna named that rock "Sea World" and fought for its possession the entire three days.

We took this group of kids on a "hike" along a nearby trail.

They spent so much time collecting caterpillar bugs. 

Swinging in the hammocks was the next favorite activity after the bug collecting (and the reason why Layla came home with a scraped up eye and couldn't put her goggles on for days).

We took the paddleboards out to the reservoir. 

There were plenty of walks around the campsite.

We organized a group church meeting.

Brighton led us through the cave. We have some brave kids here!

There was some car trouble which meant we had an adventure with these kids piled in our truck. You can see poor Layla's bruised/scraped eye in this picture!

I love getting out in nature oh so much.