October 7, 2022

Andy's concert: The Art of Joy

This was THE event of my 2022. No doubt about that.
I love Andy Grammer and all of his music. It moves me, saves me, inspires me, and brings joy into my life on the daily. I'm a huge fan!!

I bought my tickets back in February and gathered my girls. I literally counted down the days until June when we could be at his concert!.

We had great seats and we danced and sang the entire night long!!

We bought the most expensive hoodies I have ever paid for. But with his name and his poetry it was a YES take all my money thing for me.

The words on the pocket read:

"I wish joy came from anywhere but in here
I'd rather search the earth than look between my ears
If you've tried it can be hard to find joy in the mirror
But unless it comes from you it will always disappear" 

"I found Joy in my life!"

Andy is such a great performer. I mean, there was slam poetry between songs. And I LOVE ALL of his songs. There was a couple I hadn't heard before.  

So grateful we got to go and experience such a fun night!!

Andy Fan Forever!