September 7, 2022


I am driving myself crazy being so behind on here. Here is the random May picture dump. May was mostly filled with recitals and performances to mark the end of another school year.

I forgot to put these pictures in my post about our trip to Hawaii. When we got home, we had this special surprise waiting for us in the kitchen. She thought it was hilarious that she printed the pictures out to make us look extra wide and plump, hence the "time to go to the jim (gym)" comment.

We also had beautiful chalk art to welcome us home.

Mother's day weekend meant mom and muffins at Layla's school.

Kyler took his friend Halle to prom.

These girls are so lucky to have each other. I took this picture when they were singing a song together just before bedtime. They share such a special, deep bond.

We missed Layla's piano recital so instead we went to one of her lessons to hear her perform her song. I love watching my children develop talents, especially to make music.

Layla was pretty excited to get her own library card this year.

A sweet, sweet unknown angel left this on my doorstep. It boosted my soul to know that someone was thinking of me and supporting me. And how glorious that to was not chocolate--someone who knows me!

Brinn and I had a few fun days at the zoo in May. The Orangutan's are always a favorite. This was such a sweet interaction.

Brinn finished up her first year of Let's Play Music! We love this program for her. 

Layla had a voice lesson recital. She was amazing!!!

Brinn was having a hard time sitting still during the performance so we took a break outside. Something about Brinn jumping in a puddle on the lovely Arizona evening seemed magical to me.

The next recital was for Layla's aerial silks class.

She performed to the song "Love I'm given."

I have videos but no good pictures! But this gives you an idea of the performance.

Her brothers showed her all the love afterwards.

Isn't this ironic? It is a book that Millie chewed up. Some dogs are very good, and some dogs aren't.

She is still very loved in spite of the table legs, the books, and the flip flops she has chewed up.

At one of our Lunch and Learn meetings the kids all got pony rides.

Layla had a 4th grade performance on the recorders they learned this year.

Next was Layla's first swim meet of the season.

Some pool time!

My sweet nephew Logan was baptized. Kyler was one of the speakers and I got to make some cookies.

We went to an escape room with friends and DOMINATED.

Kyler had his seminary graduation.

Brinn was excited to get her costume and trophy for her dance recital.

Layla was part of a classroom performance of "The Day the Crayons Quit." They did an incredible job with it all!!

Millie and Brinnie.

And more random pictures of Brinna during one of Layla's aerial practices. Trying to keep this girl entertained and contained is always a feat.

Kyler and Layla bonding time...

I will return soon to document some of the bigger events of May.