September 22, 2022

Last day of school 2022

Last day of school 2022!

Kyler’s first day of kindergarten and last day of senior year side by side.

(Don’t ask me why he refuses to smile naturally as a senior but here we are.)

Layla ended her 4th grade year. Moving her over to a new school was the best decision for her! It just felt like home. 

Perry transitioned to a new classroom over the course of the year and it was a perfect way for him to enter into 5th grade. By the end of the year he was thriving in his classroom. I guarantee that would not have happened if we tried to throw him in at the beginning of the year. So grateful for a team who is flexible and supportive of each individual kid and their needs.

Kacin ended his junior year strong. He is such a fun, bright kid and even though school is not his favorite place to be he knows how to work hard and make the best of it and thrives.

Brinn ended out another year of preschool! Two days a week for 4.5 hours was so great for her this year. 

We gathered at the park with some neighborhood kids for a water balloon fight after school to end the school year.

And Perry got his braces on! (I felt like a mean mom doing it the last day of school but that was the best day to get it scheduled).