September 13, 2022

Good to Be Alive

May 7th.
The day I was officially diagnosed with breast cancer. Every year that passes since calls for recognition and remembrance. 
Im finding as I heal, I want to honor the day in different ways. This year I wanted to celebrate being alive.
How glorious it is to live!! To breathe, to move, to love, to behold beauty and wonder.
In the words of Andy Grammer, “It’s Good to be Alive Right About Now”!

I wanted to celebrate LIFE with my family and friends and anyone who wanted to take a moment to appreciate being alive.

So we rented a water slide and a bounce house and spent the day playing.

In the evening, we invited families over to eat, dance, and swim. I asked everyone to fill this board with reasons why they love to be alive.

One reason I love being alive is the people I get to connect with. I love the people who came, but there are many people I didn’t get to see that day but have been such important parts of my why it’s good to be alive.

We spent part of the evening dancing in the living room! How much I love it when people will just let go and move to the music in such way there hearts lead them without worry of judgement. There is freedom and life in dance like that! 

We live in such a beautiful world!! How lucky and wonderful it is to be alive. I don’t ever want to take that for granted again.