September 30, 2022

September Little things

Eric has been doing so much traveling so when he finally got back from a longer trip Layla welcomed him with a sign she made.

The youth had lip sync battle. I think the only picture I got was Kacin’s part in the show (and Layla who joined the group even though she technically wasn’t in YW yet).

Impressive jump from these two!

Kacin and Brinn went up on the stage to share a joke in between acts. Funny how our outgoing little girl got shy when she got up on that stage.

Then we had our ward talent show!! It was quite the event and the Allred’s did what they could to support it all. Layla sang with her friend while Brinn danced. Perry participated with the deacons in a hot dog eating contest and with a group of boys that did yo-yo tricks while he played a song he made up on the guitar app on his phone. I choreographed and planned a glow stick man dance for all of the activity day girls. It was so much fun!! And then somehow I agreed to lip sync with the RS to RESPECT by Aretha Franklin.

Brinn started dance classes again. This year she is taking a jazz dance class.

Millie sheds like crazy and I hate that about her, but she is so tolerant of all of the “love” she gets.

Layla went to Biztown with her school. She applied to work in healthcare and got the roll of a medical assistant. She did great! I went as a chaparone and was assigned to help in the Meta room.  

Missionary Kyler got to go to a devotional by elder uchtdorf. We were so excited to see him sitting there in the picture that was posted. We love every chance we get to see a picture of our sweet missionary.

Brinn made herself beautiful. With a purple marker.

Kacin sold his car and got a motorcycle! I am terrified of it for him but I am happy he loves it so much.

Kacin participated in clash wars as a senior.

We spotted a rainbow as we drove home from Laylas aerial class. 

Kacin went to homecoming.

Those were a few of the little things during September!

September 22, 2022

Last day of school 2022

Last day of school 2022!

Kyler’s first day of kindergarten and last day of senior year side by side.

(Don’t ask me why he refuses to smile naturally as a senior but here we are.)

Layla ended her 4th grade year. Moving her over to a new school was the best decision for her! It just felt like home. 

Perry transitioned to a new classroom over the course of the year and it was a perfect way for him to enter into 5th grade. By the end of the year he was thriving in his classroom. I guarantee that would not have happened if we tried to throw him in at the beginning of the year. So grateful for a team who is flexible and supportive of each individual kid and their needs.

Kacin ended his junior year strong. He is such a fun, bright kid and even though school is not his favorite place to be he knows how to work hard and make the best of it and thrives.

Brinn ended out another year of preschool! Two days a week for 4.5 hours was so great for her this year. 

We gathered at the park with some neighborhood kids for a water balloon fight after school to end the school year.

And Perry got his braces on! (I felt like a mean mom doing it the last day of school but that was the best day to get it scheduled).

September 21, 2022


Kyler set a goal in like 9th grade to see how many activities he could have listed under his name in the yearbook. 

I think he wins!!! Twelve different activities were listed under his name. His goal to stay involved definitely paid off. He had so many incredible experiences to shape him and teach him and great opportunities to serve, meet people, and be a part of something greater than just himself. Such a cool goal he set!!

Before graduation, we celebrated Kyler and Brighton with a dinner.

These two boys make me roll my eyes and smile at the same time.

I think Perry took this picture. I always find it entertaining to find random pictures of real life rushing around on my phone.

We had the boys sit in the hot seat and we asked them questions about their high school experience. We heard funny things, things I didn’t know they did and they shouldn’t have done, sweet memories, and bits of wisdom.

We are SO proud of Kyler because of all of his hard work, dedication, achievements, and growth throughout the year. He was well rounded, true to himself and grew in unfathomable ways throughout high school. And I know he had so much fun and found joy through it all.

To graduate with honors and with a scholarship to ASU and a mission just know he is going to do incredible things with his life.

During the long wait and ceremony, these girls kept themselves entertained running around.

Watching ALL the students and faculty walk out was such a magical moment.

Go Class of 2022!!

No clear pictures, but here he is receiving his diploma. He pumped his hands in the air as he walked off the stage.

The fireworks at the end of the night as they threw their caps in the air was so surreal.

We love you so much!!

Then we proceeded to take all the pictures with all the people on the field.

He spent the graduation night jumping in pools and through dangerous bonfires and dodging cops or some such story. He came home safe and happy and excited for his next adventure.