August 23, 2022

Perry is 12

Twelve years old! We had such a happy day celebrating our little man.

Perry is such a special soul.

Layla decorated a chocolate cake for him to show him how much she loves him.

This probably the best picture I have in recent years of these two together. Their relationship is complicated. But this moment I will cherish always.

We loved reading all of the special notes Perry brought home from his friends at school.

His birthday request was to go to Peter Piper Pizza.

Games, pizza, and prizes--we had a fun time together.

I loved the intense look on Layla's face in the next two pictures.

We did not have nearly enough points to win these prizes, but the employee let everyone just pick any prize they wanted.

We went home to open presents and eat cake.

Perry's facial expressions are THE BEST.

I could not delete a single picture because his expressions are that good.

Layla made these toy figures for him out of clay.

The thank you hug!

See! Look at the excitement!

Gifts are his love language and I love to see him show gratitude right back at everyone.

Perry, I love you. The lows we experience together are pretty hard and pretty low, but the highs we experience together--well there is nothing sweeter. You are a light. You are thoughtful. You are delightful to talk to. We love all of you.