August 4, 2022

Hawaii 0.5 (part one)


We were welcomed to the Island with a beautiful thick rainbow in the city.

Kyler, Eric, and I took our first trip to Hawaii together for the first part of Kyler's high school graduation celebration (thanks to credit card points and a companion pass).

Our first visit was to Pearl Harbor.

What a beautiful remembrance.

And this is where we took our first .5 picture and decided that was our signature for the trip--we photographed Hawaii with the .5 (and a few ordinary pictures, too).

We waited in the longest line of all time to check in to a hotel in Waikiki. Never again will I do that. We waited for almost two hours just to check in!!!

But we got to the beach in time for a beautiful sunset.

Then we started the next day with some yoga and meditation on the beach. I had just started my yoga teacher certification so I was excited for such a beautiful place to practice.

We ate some yummy food.

Then hiked Diamond Head.

I'm glad Kyler was there to save his life!

And then join him.

It was incredible to see such variety in the landscapes of Hawaii.

Next we headed to Manoa Falls.

Such a gorgeous, lush trail!

Then we headed to turtle bay for time at the beach.

Then we popped over to Kawela Bay to see the Banyan tree.

We explored the beach where part of Pirates of the Caribbean was shot at. And saw our first sea turtles!

We stopped for some fresh fruit.

Then ended the night grabbing food at the shops by the PCC.

So much beauty in one day! I was smitten with Hawaii.