July 29, 2022

thoughts at the end of summer break

I set a goal this summer to read from the Book of Mormon every day. Of course I haven't been perfect at this goal, but in my trying there has been something flowing into my life. I am finding answers to questions I've been burdened by for years. I've found peace and reassurance. My mind and my soul feel augmented. 

Coupled with the meditation I am practicing in my Yoga teacher training, I am feeling contentment and peace in a way that I'm not sure I knew was possible anymore. 

 Trauma effects a person's brain and nervous system in such a profound way. As I continue to recover and heal, I feel so much gratitude for the feeling of peace and the sources of peace. And for me that peace flows from Jesus Christ, God, the scriptures, supportive family, and a living Prophet. And also from all the God-given sources of good in the world--music, yoga and meditation practice, nature, good friends, books therapy and life coaching.  

I think it is deep within us to desire to grow and progress. But I think that when we are grounded and centered, then that growth feels very different. In a good way. 

Contentment is true fulfillment. And it yields continual growth.

School has started for most of my kids. A mission has started for my oldest. And my youngest starts preschool next week. I feel myself slowly catching up on things around the house and that gives me a sense of satisfaction. A few more minutes of quiet during the day allows me to recharge and so then I feel like I am a much better mom, wife, and person.

Maybe I'll even find some time now to catch up on here for our family books!