July 29, 2022

thoughts at the end of summer break

I set a goal this summer to read from the Book of Mormon every day. Of course I haven't been perfect at this goal, but in my trying there has been something flowing into my life. I am finding answers to questions I've been burdened by for years. I've found peace and reassurance. My mind and my soul feel augmented. 

Coupled with the meditation I am practicing in my Yoga teacher training, I am feeling contentment and peace in a way that I'm not sure I knew was possible anymore. 

 Trauma effects a person's brain and nervous system in such a profound way. As I continue to recover and heal, I feel so much gratitude for the feeling of peace and the sources of peace. And for me that peace flows from Jesus Christ, God, the scriptures, supportive family, and a living Prophet. And also from all the God-given sources of good in the world--music, yoga and meditation practice, nature, good friends, books therapy and life coaching.  

I think it is deep within us to desire to grow and progress. But I think that when we are grounded and centered, then that growth feels very different. In a good way. 

Contentment is true fulfillment. And it yields continual growth.

School has started for most of my kids. A mission has started for my oldest. And my youngest starts preschool next week. I feel myself slowly catching up on things around the house and that gives me a sense of satisfaction. A few more minutes of quiet during the day allows me to recharge and so then I feel like I am a much better mom, wife, and person.

Maybe I'll even find some time now to catch up on here for our family books!

July 27, 2022

get back up and run

After qualifying at the multi-school track meet in the adaptive relay, Perry participated in the district race. He had such a sweet relay partner and loved racing with with classmate, too.

He was excited for the race and his heart set on a medal. It was all about the medal for this kid.

He was lined up at the start and his partner was in her place.

He was ready to go.

His partner came out with such momentum that when she tagged him the force made him tumble to the ground.

For a split second, my heart stopped. Would he sit on the ground and cry and yell about his scraped knee? Would he be so confused about what happened that he sat there until someone helped him? Would he get up and run but come in last? 

However, Perry proved himself as a fighter and a competitive, resilient athlete. He scrambled to his feet as quick as could be. Without looking back or looking around or getting upset, HE RAN.

With sheer determination, he ran as hard as he could towards that finish line. I was so, so proud of him and the way he handled it.

He ran so hard that he still ended up in third.

And got a medal.

He was thrilled to get that medal!

Perry set such a great example to so many of us that night. Sometimes we get knocked over in life and go tumbling to the ground. When we choose not to worry about what happened, keep our eyes fixed on our end goal, and put in all our effort, we make it. Maybe even with a medal.