June 22, 2022

March things, part 1

Before I dive in to life back in the month of March, I just want to write--just let my thoughts flow with as much as I can in 5 minutes to write.

I've been asked how I am doing with all the changes in my life. Kyler is graduated and starts his mission in just one month. My dad is living with us. Kacin is now a senior. How am I doing with it all? I'm feeling it acutely that nothing is as constant as change. That's exactly how life is supposed to be. We change, we grow, we shift. Sometimes looking back at the pictures I post here makes me yearn for the days when everyone was a bit smaller. But I am finally feeling joy right where I am. The future isn't certain. The past can't be changed or returned to, only learned from. Reality is right here right now. And that's all I can do is live in it as it is. That's empowering to think that I can control so much in my days right now. I choose my beliefs, I choose my joy, I choose my gratitude. Sometimes I look around my house and think that I should choose to clean and declutter a bit more.... But I find much more joy in playing with my kids, dancing, hiking, yoga, serving, and my family right now. I will make progress on the house, but it's at a slower pace. I digress. The thought that I keep mulling over lately is that we are here to progress. There is something inside us that will always want more--we will always want to grow and progress and change. Ironically, I find so much contentment in that thought. I was born to change.

Back to March. Let's start with the puppy. Our Millie (full name Millenium Falcon) is an adorable blessing to many people in our family and the bane of existence to others. Potty training was absolutely no fun. She got sick and vet bills were no fun either. But somehow we muddle through March and saw the benefits to our children of having her. 


We put a bunk bed in the girls room and rearranged their furniture. They have so much more space in their room now.

Layla participated in her run at school.

Eric was there to cheer her on.

We took the girls on a dinner date to Olive Garden. Layla's favorite restuarant is Eric's least favorite. But Eric will do anything for his girls. It's strange to have more and more of this time with just the girls as the boys get older.

We hiked my favorite local hike--Flat Iron. It's such a beautiful, fun hike.

Kyler went to Morp.

Layla was playing with a friend and they talked Brinna into letting them transform her into Olaf.

Another dog picture.

Kyler and friends decided to make homemade rootbeer. I think it was on their mind because they were missing Grandma.

Perry ran in a multi-school race! He qualified for the district adaptive race. He was so excited. He's a competitive kid.

Brinna had a school bike-a-thon.

I met with my oncologist. Another all clear. My heart goes through some intense emotions every time I have an appointment, but an all clear brings such relief. I loved this new sign hanging there.


We rode bikes to the park and had a picnic with the younger kids. I turned my head the other direction and instead of Brinna sitting next to me, there was her cheesestick stuck into the table and she was running up the hill. This child of ours flies with the wind.

Layla started selling her chicken's eggs to our neighbors.

We had a fun outing to an indoor play and jump place.

We celebrated Pi day with a savory pie and a sweet.

I took all the kids bowling one day during spring break.

Layla made a bird seed heart at a church activity to feed the birds.

Millie blends right into our floor.

Brinna decorated our entryway wall with a sunscreen stick. 

Eric took the kids to a game with some free foster care tickets. 

I don’t think I can put all of March into one post. So I’ll be back with my month summary soon.