June 24, 2022

March, part 2

It was my dream to hike Flat Iron with my kids. So we picked a day during spring break and went. 

I warned them to plan on alllll day since we had Layla's shorter legs climbing with us. It truly took us all day. But I am SO SO proud that we did it together.

Poor Layla had terrible shoes. I didn't think about checking her shoes until the night before when it was too late to go buy some good ones. Old Target shoes made the climb extra tricky for her. But it didn't stop her.

From the top...

The way back down was actually just as hard as up because of those slippery shoes.

Kacin even took a spill. Poor guy! As a good mom, I took a picture as I made my way down to see if he was ok (he was).

We made sure to go to DQ for our free cones. Kacin is back working there, but it was his friend Carter in the cone costume that night. Brinn was so fascinated by the Cone Man.

You can see my dad out at the trees. He truly picked oranges just about every day. The orange juice was so amazing.

Layla made a cake.

Brinna enjoys olives.

Eric and I participated in Team Match. It was scary and SO out of our comfort zone. But we danced as beginners with our Cha Cha, Bachata, and Waltz. It seriously stretched us! I still for nervous thinking about what we did. hahaha. But I never let fear stop me.

We were so proud of our participation trophies. Ha!

We had a fun day at the zoo with friends.

Kacin had his wrestling banquet. Unfortunately, we couldn't stay very long. But we are proud of him working through the season even though he had to sit out half the matches because of the school transfer.

We had to leave the banquet early to get to the Johnson Files show!

We love the Johnson Files! Always a fun show.

End of march!