June 15, 2022

February things

Get ready for a great big catch up post all about life in February.

February was the month I lost my mom. And my heart continues to ache since that day. So there’s that. But I wrote about most of that back in February and March. 

Even though my heart was broken and grieving and processing, life kept going on. I wish I could find life’s pause button at times like that. Grief is consuming. But how do you really take the time you need when nothing else stops? There are still holidays and outings and dishes and laundry and church service. And so with heavier hearts for awhile, we carry on.

So let’s go back right now to happy, ordinary, and important events and happenings in February.

I finished reading this book about Foster care. It was the first fostering book I read and it summed up my heart well.

I had the cutest helpers at the grocery store one afternoon.

We had multiple beautiful park afternoons hanging out while Layla was at voice lessons.

I don't know what came over me but I agreed to get a dog, We put a deposit down on a dog and spent some time playing with puppies.

But Brinna had severe allergic reactions both times we took her to play. So we had to get our deposit back.

I went with the Senior girls in my ward on a retreat.

I was struggling with some things that weekend, but as we were doing yoga on the beach I knew that was why I was there. I didn't know what that meant at the time, but fast forward three months and because of the yoga instructor I met that day both me and my friend have started our yoga teacher certification training. And I know that is just what I need to be doing right now. I'm so grateful for how it all worked out.

We made fresh orange juice just about every day.

There was lots of snuggles with grandpa as we processed.

My mom was in the ICU and it was so very hard to leave her there. We went to costco, but it was too much for me to be there so while Eric checked everything out, I started walking. And I didn't stop. I saw the hospital in the distance and took this picture. I listened to music and let the tears fall down my cheeks as a walked and walked. I never meant to walk as far as I did, though I was fine to. Unfortunately, Eric didn't have his phone so we had difficulty connecting for him to pick me up. But he found me a couple miles down the road so it all worked out. 

We went on a family hike and found a horny toad.

Layla made this cool yoda box for valentines day.

Perry made a cool box, too.

Not a flattering picture, but I am so grateful to have Eric by my side for all the highs and lows of life.

Then we saw this picture posted by a friend. And I had a little impression that tis was our dog. We were nervous that Brinna would be just as allergic, but we decided to just go for it (this dog has a higher percentage of poodle). And Brinna's allergies have been just fine!

We went on plenty of family walks in the evening. This particular one was a barefoot walk in honor of my mama. (though most of us put on our shoes rather quickly--no one has feet as tough as my mom did).

We worked as a family to move my dad down to my house.

Layla did a horse study at school and then took a field trip to see the Arabian horses.

Kacin sent us this message at 2:22 on 2/2/22!

I pulled out a friend's yearbook at a church meeting and found this picture of Eric. :)

I'm so proud of our early morning scripture study all year long.

We had our annual bbq at the Owens. This is the only picture I got.

Our dog arrived!!

That sums up February.