June 28, 2022

Easter weekend

Happy Easter (way back in April)!

The cousin lineup. I might have highly encouraged Kyler to participate one last time for me...

Brinna hated the thought of putting the baskets on our heads...but it is an Allen family tradition every year.

Later that day we decorated easter eggs as a family. I might have shed a single tear at the thought of Kyler not being here with us next year. Or the year after. And Kacin gone, too. And who knows after that!

I love Kacin. He is always the last to start and the first to be done, hahaha.

I will never understand the faces they insist on making. Every. Time.

Kyler made the New Zealand flag in honor of his mission call!

Easter morning we found lovely simple gifts in our baskets.

On the stairs listening to an easter message before seeing what the easter bunny brought us.

Easter egg hunt in the backyard!

Brinna in her easter best on the way to church. She insisted on wearing her new goggles into church.

Our family's favorite easter tradition is always the egg toss at the end of easter day.

I love the chance to be together as a family on easter. I love our focus on traditions and family time. And most importantly I love our focus on the Savior. We have so much joy because of Him. We have joy in eternal families, joy in forgiveness and repentance, and joy in strength to overcome all things because of our Savior Jesus Christ.