June 28, 2022

April things

Perry continued his baseball season in April. I love watching him play and seeing all his confidence and skills grow!

And then there's Brinn. We take our eyes off of her for two seconds and she has scaled the fence. At least she had her helmet on...

Kacin asked to Prom and then his answer came with post it notes covering his walls (which most are still up two months later...).

I don't know who took this picture but definitely a real life shot of home baking. I think this must have been cinnamon roll making on general conference morning.

Someone took a picture of the dog. 

Brinna went through a phase in which she was obsessed with playing with the smallest tortoise. THe poor dear. She kept sneaking it into her room to play. One day it went missing for far too long and I found the tortoise snuggled into Brinn's jewelry box. Seriously, poor tortoise.

My dad let me take a rare picture of him, but only because half of his face had swollen because of a tooth problem.

Brinna loves visiting Grandpa down in his room. He is patient with our firecracker of a girl.

Some beauty on a neighborhood walk.

Kacin’s varsity wrestling certificate!

Layla performed in Moana as part of the village and ocean ensemble.

It was so sweet that she had friends who came to watch!

More Millie time for Layla in between performances.

The performance was so amazing!

Brinna LOVED meeting all of the cast after the show. She was enamored of them all.

A swim party to celebrate the end of the show.

Kyler and his best friend from Washington got their mission calls on the exact same day!! They actually will even start at the Provo Mtc on the same day as well. So we did some reminiscing from when they were younger.

Our church had an Easter egg hunt at the park by our house and this was my only picture.

We went to the Easter Pageant as a family. So excited that this pageant is back!!

Layla has gotten really good at braiding hair. She does Brinna’s hair most days. And some days she even practices on mine.

We are so grateful for all the time with grandpa.

I found my spirit dance in Bollywood. I went to two classes and I loved it SO much!! I would go every week if I could.

The church class that I serve and Perry’s church class all went together to Feed My Starving Children.

It’s so special to gather around the food boxes and pray together.

We took Kyler’s senior pictures!! 

Kacin went suit shopping for Prom. Something about seeing this kid in a suit always brings a tear to my eye. He is growing up so quickly.

Brinna and I took a couple trips to the zoo together.

Kacin went to Prom.

Kyler made the decision to buzz and bleach his hair. Insert my eye roll here.

I think I wrote about this on instagram, but we spent a very long time trying to convince Perry to go on a date with us. Sometimes it is very exhausting being a parent of a special needs child. It is unpredictable. Most days it is very hard. But then he smiles like this and it’s all worth it. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!!

We went to another escape room. Our team “Magic Heads” dominated.

Kyler had his NHS ceremony. He worked so hard! He is an amazing human being who loves and serves and works hard.

And let’s end this April post with a random picture taken by Brinna.