May 9, 2022

Costa Rica, part three

We spent a day exploring Manuel Antonio. I’m so glad we found a guide we felt comfortable with right before we went inside. It really was worth it to have someone with a telescope to point out all the things and animals and tell us interesting things.

There were iguanas, two kinds of sloths, three different monkeys, bats, crab, butterfly, and birds. So many varied and beautiful creatures! I would’ve missed pretty much all of them on my own.

These people! I love how it’s been years since we have seen each other, but when we get together it’s just like no time has passed. They are gems. I am so grateful for each of them!

More monkeys right along the path.

Then we got some time at the most beautiful beach! It was magical being tucked into that spot. We quickly learned to give space to the coconut trees (one fell and it was so loud and sudden we were glad we weren’t under it), but they are so unique from what I usually see so I enjoyed how perfectly tropical it was.

Eric and I hiked to the top of the hill by the beach.

The water was perfect! We could’ve stayed in it all day long.

Our walk on the way out felt much like Jurassic park.

We found a place for lunch.

We got back to our hotel and Eric and I got to explore the resort a little bit more. It was magical!

This view was breathtaking!

We found this hot tub that wasn’t hot at all but we couldn’t resist spending a long time there with a view like that.

That night else went on a night hike through the grounds with a guide and he showed us all the night creatures. It was so cool and exciting and scary!

This little guy was my favorite find.

This scorpion was HUGE.

I didn’t get pictures of everything we saw, but the whole experience was really cool. Besides the cute frog, the highlight was the family of sloths moving along.