May 20, 2022

Costa Rica, part six

Another amazing morning view...

We ate breakfast on that first morning under the most clear sky. We had a gorgeous view of the Arenal volcano.

The white spot on the top was smoke!

We spent the morning at Mistico hanging bridges.

Another volcano view...

There were monkeys up in the trees greeting us when we started on the path.

I loved seeing the beautiful flowers along the way.

It was very dense forest around there. It often reminded me of places we went to when we lived in Washington.

You can see the ants carrying the leaves climbing in a line on this tree.

So the hanging bridges were actually my biggest fear out of all the things we were doing in Costa Rica. Of course, I face all my fears, but I was absolutely terrified and did not enjoy walking across suspension bridges one bit.

But the view was incredible so probably worth it.

We found my favorite--the Morpho Butterfly--flying around near the waterfall.

We passed by a lady on the trail and she looked directly at me and made this same face that Eric is making. We were not even being loud! I don't even think I was talking at the time. So Eric gave me the face, too.

One last view of Arenal before leaving the hanging bridges and heading on a hike.

There's a butterfly camouflaged in this picture.

I can not remember the name of this dark green plant, but it's the one that you touch it and the leaves all fold in. So cool.

We hiked to the lava rocks from the last eruption and got another view of Arenal.

Beautiful dense forest! Such a contrast from our Arizona desert.

So majestic.

It reminded me of Jurassic Park.

Eric and I walked to the lake to see one more view of the volcano. And we saw the signs to stay out of the water because of crocodiles...that's a good reason.

We got back to our resort and I discovered my favorite place there. This beautiful meditation hut!

I hung out for awhile to journal, study, and pray. It was so glorious to sit there and listen to th ejungle sounds all around me.

Eric did more bird watching.

This resort, Amor Arenal, was so perfect.