May 17, 2022

Costa Rica, part five

Eric and I went on one last stroll around the resort before we left that day. We found so many beautiful birds!

This view truly was amazing. What a world we live in.

On our drive to La Fortuna we crossed over the river of crocodiles. You can see at least one in the water between the blue bars in this picture if you look carefully enough.

The roads in Costa Rica are bit unpredictable and very narrow. It may look like just a few miles away but with road conditions it can take a very long time. We also followed a Google map that didn’t take into consideration the condition of the roads and so we ended up going on a road that we later found out was 4x4 only. Our can couldn’t handle it. Thankfully we found a place to turn around and made it safely back down and found a new road.

Our first stop in La Fortuna was the waterfall.

There are something like 530 steps to get down to the waterfall. 

It’s probably weird but I wanted so badly to run up and down it at least twice.

The falls at the bottom were majestic.

Eric and I took a brief dip in the cold, boisterous water.

Yes, sir—I loved this sign along the way back up.

We arrived at our next resort nestled near the volcano. Such a beautiful place! (More pics to come)