April 11, 2022

Sedona hiking

Back in January, I took a day trip with some friends to hike in Sedona. This was my first time hiking these hikes. Sedona is a wonder!

Ou first hike of the day was Devil’s bridge.

It’s super popular, quite short, and a must do in Sedona.

Mandi made sure we did a modeling shoot.

Because my modeling skills are ahhhmazing.

A perfect place for meditation on the way down.

Have you ever stopped and asked a stranger to take the most awkward picture you can think of? We have!

At the next hike, I did a one try parallel park in the van. It had to be documented.

This trail brought us to three destinations. First, you pass Devil’s Kitchen. Then you arrive at the Seven Sacred Pools.

You continue on Soldier’s Pass to eventually get to the secret cave. Such beauty!

For someone not afraid of heights and plunging to your death, you do this.

For the person with a whole heap of fear but willing to attempt at facing at, you do this.

She is so brave!

We sat at the window, too.

And this is the point that my anxiety got the best of me and I thought the whole thing was going to break or my vertigo was going to make me tip right off. Inside I was freaking out. Outside, I panicked a bit too.

But it’s gorgeous!!!

We ended our day eating Mexican food. Sign me up for a Sedona trip anytime!