April 4, 2022


At the beginning of the year, Perry decided he wanted to be ordained a deacon in the priesthood. He knew one of the things this would mean is that he could help pass the sacrament to the congregation of the church. As his parents, Eric and I were so anxious about this new responsibility. I knew he was capable if he wanted to do it, but it would take some extra preparation and thought into how to best support him.

He had a great interview with the Bishop. He explained to Perry the significance of being a priesthood holder. We talked to his Young Men's leader and came up with a plan. 

The day came for him to be ordained a deacon. It was a special day.

And it was like a mantle was placed upon him. He has risen to the occasion and God has strengthened him. 

One of our concerns was getting Perry to wear a white shirt. He refuses buttons and collars usually. I think if we really couldn't find a solution he would've been just fine wearing a t-shirt, but we found a solution he agreed to--a white short sleeved polo style shirt.

The next concern was his fine motor skills. His hands are very shaky. He was nervous himself that the sacrament trays would be too heavy. We practiced once before he was trained with the other deacons. And amazingly he hasn't had a problem carrying the trays yet.

We were also worried he would get confused and wouldn't know where to go. One of the sweet Deacons (this kid is amazing and seriously his care for Perry brings tears to my eyes) buddied up with Perry and walked with him for the first month. They give Perry the same route each time so he know exactly what to do and where to go. When Perry has questions he turns to Trevor and Trevor so kindly and patiently teaches him. During the second month of passing Trevor gave Perry a little more space to allow him to independently pass the sacrament. The support of the other young men has been extremely beautiful, appreciated, and exactly what Perry needed.

Since Perry started passing the sacrament and joined the Deacons quorum, I have seen a positive shift in him. He is more confident and independent. He feels important and needed. He feels a part of something big and special.

My heart is so full watching all of this. Isn't this the same kid who would throw his keys, the ones he clutched everywhere he went, while we sat in the pews of the chapel and our friends and ward members would have to duck to not get hit when his impulses got the best of him? Isn't this the same kid who would scream and bite and have to be carried out of our meeting each sunday? I couldn't imagine then that this glorious day would get here like this.

I know it has touched the hearts of our congregation as well. Most sundays, I have at least one person approach me and tell me how tears come to their eyes when they watch him pass the sacrament. It really is a beautiful thing.

I'm so grateful for Perry in my life. He teaches me and tests me and makes my heart grow deeper and my love soar. Glory to God for this special experience.