April 12, 2022

January things

Small moments are what build our lives and I'm glad I captured a few of these in January.

Dancing in the living room...

Kyler took on the rootbeer challenge that we did at Eric's party.

The weather in January in Arizona is divine. Brinna and I loved spending time outside reading together.

I introduced Brinna to the joy of dandelion blowing.

We watched Kacin wrestle at a meet. He pinned his opponent! (Layla didn't like the smell of hard work.)

Brinn and I went on an adventure to Scottsdale to the dinosaur musuem.

Our citrus trees were heavenly. We picked oranges every couple of days and made so much delicious orange juice. 

The girls started letting the chickens out to free range every day. I loved having the chickens running around our backyard until they started pooping all over our porch. Then we had to end the free ranging. But we had a lot of golden moments with the chickens.

Look at that orange Layla picked!

We celebrated Kacin's birthday lowkey with a candy bar and a football game.

We blew a tire on the freeway driving home from the airport.

We read a book about true fun for book club and so after our book club discussion we arranged flowers.

Eric and I took an amazing vacation together in January. After we got home, it was so wonderful to sit in church as a family and have these little hands stretched across my lap holding onto each other. You can travel the world and see so many amazing things, but sometimes the best view is right in your lap.