April 30, 2022

Cost Rica, part two

It was the fanciest experience I’ve ever had to sit at a table nestled in the jungle overlooking the ocean while being served fresh juice. There was such a variety of foods to eat and try at breakfast. I became a fan of Costa Rican beans and rice for breakfast.

We took a stroll around the resort grounds and saw our first monkeys of the trip up on the trees.

Swinging from jungle vines will not go down as a skill of mine.

Eric was in heaven spotting all the wildlife.

There was so much beauty around the resort.

Our outing that day was surfing and kayaking.

The boys all opted in for a surf lesson while us girls were content on the beautiful beach and in the perfect ocean water.

We walked to a local restaurant for lunch. There were monkeys on our path on the way back.

Then we went kayaking through the mangroves. I called it mandrakes (like from Harry Potter) so many times that I thoroughly confused myself.

Eric and I got a double kayak. Everything reminded me of Disneyland on the jungle cruise. I saw how well done that ride truly is! Maybe now I will go to Disneyland and think “wow this reminds me of Costa Rica” instead of everything I experience reminding me of Disney.

Look at those mangroves!

Another monkey right there on the branch next to us.

It was so fun exploring these tight corridors.

We asked our guide about weather and he assured us it wouldn’t rain. Seriously 15 min later, we got a downpour as we kayaked. Hahaha. We got a little shelter from the mangrove trees. And then it stopped just as fast as it started.

We ended the night with dinner at the hotel restaurant. Fun day!