March 29, 2022


My kids just went back to school after over two weeks off.

We stayed local for our spring break. We deep cleaned and went on little adventures here and there. 

I love having a break and I love getting back into a routine again, too.

Spring is such a happy, calming, and inspiring time of the year. It makes me want to, metaphorically, plant some good seeds in my life and rise up a little more to enjoy the sunshine and to blossom.

Eric and I have been joking this week about how I have a "simple list of just ten things to do each day" to relieve all the challenges one person may have. Whether it be anxiety, depression, relationships, adhd, sickness, grief...I do {admittedly annoyingly} advise all to follow this pattern. It's so simple...hahahaha.

1. read something inspiring

2. write your thoughts down

3. exercise

4. write out a schedule/plan

5. connect with nature

6. connect with people by doing something you enjoy together and engaging in good conversation

7. breathe/meditation/break from screens

8. write out and say out loud affirmations

9. sincere prayer

10. organize/clean or plan something

See? Easy list that solves ALLLLLL problems. Right? ;)

Even if I don't get to each of those things every single day, I personally feel better and more content in the striving for them. 

Eric reminds me that people are so different. I do understand that. But I'm still convinced that if you check off those boxes each day, or even swap a few boxes with things of your own {like have true fun or eat healthy}, your life does get better in a hopeful, joyful, lighter way. I'm just sure of that. Maybe I need to enlist my family to conduct an experiment to see? Wish me luck on that one. :) 

Regardless of what I do and how I actually spend my time each day, right now I'm grateful for spring and the refreshing hope and growth of a new season. However, I choose to approach it.