March 7, 2022

Disneyland day two

 Let's get back to the end of December and our week at Disneyland.

Our second day at the park was spent at California Adventures. Because we can get a disability pass for later, we always avoid the crowds and head to Pixar Pier first. Toy Story is a great first ride of the day because we can all ride together. 

Most of us got on the swinging ferris wheel.  

But since we have learned from past puking experiences with Eric, we do not push him to ride the swinging side. He rode in a non-swinging gondola with Layla instead.  

There was a lot of happy screaming in our gondola.

And Perry was clutching Kacin and screaming from frightful excitement.

We rode the new Spider-man ride. My opinion? Disney imagineering missed the mark completely. It was the same thing as Toy-story and Buzz. Yeah you use your hands and arms to swing the webs so you get a really good arm work out, but it is not worth it to wait for this one. It is uninteresting and too much like other attractions. Disney fail right here. Which is sad because we are huge Marvel fans in this family.

The best ride of california adventure is still Guardians. SO MUCH FUN.

Brinna has always had the cutest impersonation of the characters of Monsters Inc so it was fun to take her to that ride.

We came out of the bathroom and Kacin had made himself comfy in the stroller. Ha!

We still love Carsland. The details on this land are amazing!

We bought part of our lunch at the cozy cone mac and cheese place. We like it well enough. But it is also Allred tradition to eat at Flo's so we did that, too.

These three went off on their own to ride the rapids over and over again while we took the other two to the Disney Jr show.

After a rest and a change of clothes at the hotel (Man it was so rainy and cold the ENTIRE week we were there), Layla and I went back to California Adventure to spend some time in the Animation Academy. 

We love going down to Belle's library. It is such a cool place. Oh how I wish they filled that library with real books though!!

We took a Daisy duck class.

We rode guardians of the galaxy again. And crossed paths with the three boys out on their own adventure.

Layla and I wanted to catch the night view from the ferris wheel.

Despite the cold, the rain, and poor Brinna not feeling well, we did have some super fun times that day.