March 9, 2022

Disneyland day three

We went back to Disneyland on our third day. And celebrated ERIC'S 40th BIRTHDAY!

Unfortunately, Brinna still wasn't feeling well so I stayed back at the hotel with her while E and the other kids spent the morning together.

After sleeping the morning away, Brinna was ready to meet up with everyone so we could venture into Star Wars land together. 

These boys tried the blue milk.

We spent some time in fantasyland riding all of the magical classics.

We got to watch the parade together. Eric shared birthday candy with all the kids around us to celebrate his birthday.

That night, the kids stayed back at the hotel while Eric and I got to go out together. We rode rides, ate dinner, looked at shops, and got Eric a birthday treat. It was so wonderful to have that time together.

Happy birthday, Eric!! So glad you are such a wise and fun 40 year old and we get you in our lives.