March 11, 2022

Disneyland day four

We were back at California Adventures on day four of our Disney vacation.

We followed the same routine for the day, it seems. Always Pixar pier first…

Then over to Cars Land.

This my favorite part of this ride—when you turn the corner and the music is like “Ta da! Look at the majesty of this view!” I love it.

We were trying to stay ahead of the rain and do the rides that might shut down or not be as enjoyable in the rain. 

The swinging gondola has become a favorite ride because we can all face our fears together.

Layla’s face! Hahaha

When the rain started it was a good time to go into the Animation building to see Talking with Crush and explore Belle’s library.

We took our classic pics together at the exit and entrance.

We all took the Disney character quiz and it was surprisingly fitting!





There was so much rain that afternoon!!

Kacin stayed with the younger two back at the hotel while we took Kyler and Layla out for a few hours. We took a couple of art classes.

I thought this painting in one of the stores was so pretty.

We went back on Spider-Man. I needed an arm workout.

After dinner, I took the boys back to California adventure. Lots and lots of rain!

This was a pretty spot to sit near the bathrooms.

We ended the night with a couple more rides on Guardians.