March 29, 2022

Disneyland day five

Our last Disney day was back at Disneyland.

I love this family of mine. Even if this trip was not as magical as I hoped it would be. It was too cold, too wet, too crowded, and too much sickness. I think I swore off coming at Christmas time ever again. But I do love these people who I get to experience the good and the hard with.

So much rain! But we went on rides anyways.

We rode the rides at fantasyland that we had missed the days before.

We spent some more time in Star Wars land.

We got some appetizers and drinks in the Star Wars cantina there. That was fun!

It was raining so hard at one point that we rode the train and the matterhorn around for as long as we could tolerate just to stay dry. We tried to hit up many of the other rides that we hadn't gotten to yet, too.

I truly love the white room at the end of It's a Small World.

We took a break back in the hotel like we did every afternoon. 

And then went back in the evening for more rides.

I did something really interesting before we went on this trip. I watched documentaries and researched so much Disney history. It enhanced my disney trip ten fold to sit on Jungle Cruise and understand how the ride came to be and to walk by a door on Main Street and understand who the people were and their contribution to Disney that were named on the door as an often overlooked detail. It was fascinating to me! I shared all my "fun facts" with my family as we walked around the park. It made me want to be a Disneyland tour guide someday ;). In all my preparation, my appreciation for Walt Disney and his vision grew. I don't love the current direction that recent leadership is going with the parks, but I do love the goal and belief of Walt and this special place he worked so hard to create for families. Disneyland is one place that our family with a wide range of ages and abilities can all enjoy together. Thank you, Walt Disney!