March 4, 2022

celebration of life

I always knew funerals were important, but I didn’t realize the deep significance until this experience. I needed this memorial service for my mom because I yearned to honor her. I needed a way to express my gratitude and love and to honor all that she was for 65 years. Truly, I needed it more than anything.

My mom loved balloons. We always tried to make sure she got a balloon bouquet for her birthday. She preferred balloons over flowers. An amazon ad popped up on my phone for a balloon arch and the green, gold and cream colors shouted my mom. I didn't hesitate and bought it for her celebration of life.

I also took a drive to Prescott to gather up pictures and artifacts from her life so we could make a display representing her.

Thanks to my sister, Jacqui, and a bunch of good friends, we were able to create this:

A few pics of the prep:

My ward gave us a lovely dinner and we were so grateful for everyone's support. We got a few pictures right at the end with just some of the people.

Miracle of all miracles my dad posed for a picture with us. I can only remember this happening less than a handful of times in my life.

During the dinner, the grandkids were able to get up and share words about grandma. I was proud of each of my kids who shared a memory of her.

I am also grateful that my dad gathered us as a family at the temple that morning. We walked around the temple and shared a few things about my mom. It was a nice way to center ourselves together to start the day.

I hope we were able to properly honor my mom. What a special soul she is.