February 28, 2022

mothers are the measure of safety

Barbara Sue Allen Feb 9, 1957-Feb. 14, 2022

words fail.
my mama
my safety 
my foundation
Why did she have to go right now?
Why mama??
I could've used some more time.
I wanted more time.
oh, my heart hurts.
It does not matter howpreparedyouthinkyouareyouarenotpreparedforhertobegone. 
It does not matter howfrustratedsadandhardithasbeenthelastfewyears.
What you thought mattered 
doesn't so much matter anymore. 
push all regrets and blame aside.
focus on her strengths, her gifts, her teachings and her light.
focus on the good she did and was
focus on the good she instilled in you.
her life counted 
her life mattered
to me. 
a mama doesn't have to be perfect.
a mama always matters.